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Jesus came to bring full life for all of us. Hidden Manna promotes His work of transforming lives and restoring  relationships through videos, podcasts, and workshops.  Everything we do is anchored in the beatitudes of Jesus, where He invites us to grow in joy and peace as we mature in our relationships with Him and with others.

I'm Dr Paul LoonEy

And I want you happier and healthier! 

I'm here to serve you.  If you are an individual wishing to grow personally, a couple in distress or desiring growth, a parent, pastor, or counselor, my desire is to see you flourish. 

As a psychiatrist and a pastor, I have a unique perspective, bridging the gap between science and faith, illuminating practical ways to apply scripture and research to daily life and relationships. I love to use humor and analogies to make complex truths simple and impart wisdom for living well. 
I have learned much from my own struggles, from my private practice and ministry, and as a pastor at Woodlands Church, where I oversee counseling and recovery ministries.  I see the terrible impact of shame, anxiety, depression, and addiction.  I love watching the powerful and amazing transformations resulting from hard work, supportive relationships, and trust in God.

My wife, Teri, partners with me in prison ministry and in the workshops we lead. 

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Groups we serve


Growing courage & compassion
God is working in everything for your good, and as you look to Him, He will show the next steps on your journey.  
Be curious and committed! 


Finding more love & trust
Marriage is tough.  Whatever the current state of your union - awful or awesome, we can help you heal, forgive,  and connect for greater joy and fulfillment. 

Parents & Children

Growing together
We want to honor our parents, to love our children well and prepare them for life. Good news! You don't have to be perfect and it's never too late to learn. 

Counselors & Pastors

Helping you help others
Being a servant leader can be challenging.  Our videos and resources will equip you to be more effective as a pastor, counselor, sponsor, coach, or small group facilitator.

Video series

You are Perfect.
Naked & Unashamed

Sexuality & Gender
We are made for God.  He loves us just as we are and He wants us to grow in grace and beauty so we can fulfill our destiny as bride for His dear Son. 

Stress less! Coping with Crisis & Adversity

Resilience & Mental Health
We live in uncertain times, but we can learn effective strategies to relieve anxiety, depression, and anger.  You can survive and thrive!

Get Strong!
Body, Mind, & Spirit

Habits that Help

Healthy Relationships,
Marriage, & Parenting 

We All Need to Grow 
 As a physician, psychiatrist, and pastor, I see every day how small changes can reap big rewards.  Every day is an opportunity to grow!
God is love and we are made to be like Him.  We are wired for connection, and growth occurs best when we are challenged and stretched in loving more.

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One Flesh is a couples retreat we offer for those in crisis or those wanting to enhance maturity and enjoyment in their marriage.  We also hold workshops in  men's prison units where the warden allows wives to participate for the day with their husbands.  Everything is done in a safe and supportive setting to enable healing and growth. 


Dr Looney provides intensive retreats for individuals or couples on a case-by-case basis.
This makes it possible to make tremendous progress in a short period of time.
Sessions are hosted at his home near Conroe, Texas or at the Looney "Cabbage" in Colorado.

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In several decades as a physician and psychiatrist, Dr Looney has developed tools to deal with conflict, anxiety, depression, communication, addiction, and trauma.  His books and resources will help you live fully and love freely. 

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