Growing Up
in God

that we should no longer be children...
but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head -Christ 

Ephesians 4:14,15

God wants you to grow! Being born again means starting fresh. We get to engage God as our loving Father and traverse with Him the terrain that will strengthen us and take us to new heights. We grow with Him and by truthful and loving connection with our sisters and brothers.
Our videos and resources will help you on your journey of transformation. Specifically,
Crossties - the Beatitudes for Every Believer is a workbook to assist you in maturing spiritually. 

Who We Serve Specifically


Desiring Growth
Are you wishing to grow in faith, resilience, courage, and compassion?
Our content and resources will assist you
in moving to the next level of maturity.


Struggling with faith and feelings
Are you plagued with doubt, anxiety, or negative thoughts and feelings?
We want to help you navigate these and find clarity and calm. 


Dealing with addiction
Have compulsive behaviors robbed you of freedom and joy?
Our resources and strategies will give you the power to break free and start fresh. 


Grappling with sexuality
As  embodied creatures, sexuality is a vital part of who we are.
God wants us to rejoice in our sexuality, even when we are limited by Him in its expression. 

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Work Shops


Our Out of Egypt retreat is designed to help you identify patterns of thought and behavior that limit your ability to live life to the full. Through individual work and group interaction, Out of Egypt will launch you into new possibilities for living and loving. 


If you feel a need or desire for an immersive experience including multiple hours of counseling and education daily, an individual intensive can be scheduled in Texas or Colorado. 

Connect with Us

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

If you want to partner with us, please reach out.  Workshops, intensives, and consulting available with a fee, however our resources are free except for the published books.  We are happy to share what we have learned in our years of ministry in the US and abroad.

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